Film and TV



Professional stunt and precision drivers easy to work with on and off set

Our highly trained drivers have featured on numerous televised programmes and shows including programmes for the BBC and Discovery Channel, all of which have required various skills in both front and rear wheel drive cars.

Our staff are professional and confident in their field and are easy to work with on and off set. They are adaptable to different circumstances and can bring new ideas forward if necessary, allowing them to be able to perform and bring a new level to entertainment.

Company Director Kelly Bird has also driven as a stunt double in films and movies, performing various stunts including precise 90 degree and 180 degree handbrake parking; stopping centimetres away from another actor, wheel spins, drifting closely around actors, high speed chases, scenes of crashing into people and running people over. She is an expert in some of the famous stunts you’ve all seen in the likes of films such as ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘The Fast & The Furious’. This year she featured in a programme on Only Motors TV with WTCC presenter Alex Legouix and BTCC presenter Louise Goodman.

“A great day shooting stunt driver Kelly Bird instructing some students with Discovery.” - Christine Mayall, Discovery Channel

Below is the end product from Daily Planet which was aired on Discovery Canada.